Infowars hardens Viagra knockoff sales with 2nd Amendment Rant

You can always tell when Alex Jones and Infowars are starting to see softening sales of their “Alpha Power Male Enhancement” pills. Simply because the common sense level goes down (if that is even possible!), the content involved goes down even further and the ads for hairy like monkey man

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It is Cheaper to Die in America than Live

I have to be honest, I have probably stolen from you. How do you ask? Simple. During the late 90s, I did not have the insurance that I needed to access decent health care. Being a Type One Diabetic, that meant several hospital stays. Hosptial stays that I could not

illegal immigrants

Immigration Detention


The hypocrites are in the peanut gallery

Two things never cease to amaze me in watching the political world when the criminal justice system becomes involved. First, the number of experts that suddenly appear on social media. Secondly, the number of hypocrites there are out there when discussing such matters. A lot of this happens because we

political purity

Political Purity is a Trap


Rememberance and Thanks of a Grateful Nation?

Freedom is NEVER free. This week of June 3rd in somber reflection. I realized that June 6 was the anniversary of the Normandy Invasion that started the liberation of Europe; and June 7 was the anniversary of the Battle of Midway, which marked the end of Japanese aggression in the

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