I love my country. I am a patriot. I think that as far as nations with potential, as far as nations that have been founded on noble goals and ideals, the United States of America was founded on a revolution that has never ended. That everyone was created equal. AmericaRead More →

whisper campaign

These days the current soap opera (or as my wife calls them, Telenovelas), is not on television; nor is it in the latest book from Harlequin. It is not even found in reality television. It is our political system. The biggest enemy to a candidate is not the attack adsRead More →

Destined to Die

My time here on Earth could come to an end today, or it could come in 40 years. All I can say that should American healthcare change, it will very much be sooner than later. I have been a Type One Diabetic since I was 15. I lost my rightRead More →