illegal immigrants

The left is going wild with videos of immigration detention facilities. Children were separated from adults. Sure it looks bad but lets back this up. How many months has the administration said they have a zero-tolerance policy for coming here illegally? Many over and over again. Warnings of the consequencesRead More →

I’m Lady Justice. I will be posting topics that are focused around daily life events, hot topics that have an impact on our daily lives as Americans. I would consider myself a libertarian that leans conservative, however, I usually remain middle road on most issues. I’m pro-choice and against theRead More →

sovereign citizen

Common Sense is a page that offers opinion and satire of the events of the day. While we take every precaution to have the facts, it is not intended to be a news source. We at Common Sense hope that you use common sense when reading all internet “news.”  WhatRead More →

right to fail

  There is a word that has been bugging me lately. A term that I think as anyone indication of America in trouble, it would be this one. Something that we have heaped upon society. Participation Trophies. No, I do not mean banning trophies, but the idea that in AmericaRead More →