Infowars Coup

So carnival barker and chief Court Jester at Infowars this evening decided to take to the airwaves and reveal to the world that The establishment is moving in on President Trump and the rest of the anti-globalist movement as they feel their stranglehold on the planet being destroyed. Excuse me whileRead More →

I love my country. I am a patriot. I think that as far as nations with potential, as far as nations that have been founded on noble goals and ideals, the United States of America was founded on a revolution that has never ended. That everyone was created equal. AmericaRead More →

whisper campaign

These days the current soap opera (or as my wife calls them, Telenovelas), is not on television; nor is it in the latest book from Harlequin. It is not even found in reality television. It is our political system. The biggest enemy to a candidate is not the attack adsRead More →

Destined to Die

My time here on Earth could come to an end today, or it could come in 40 years. All I can say that should American healthcare change, it will very much be sooner than later. I have been a Type One Diabetic since I was 15. I lost my rightRead More →