About Us

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Our Approach

We follow the approach that America should be a Democracy, not a Hypocrisy. Our writers go from Left to Center to Right in the political spectrum. Here you will see opinion, satire, and parody that will poke fun and offer insight on every political figure.

We try and keep it respectful, but we don't pull punches.

This website is NOT for the easily offended

Our Story

This website was the brainchild of Michael Cole. He wanted a website for the people that were stuck in the middle in politics. In all of his campaigns and views, he felt that he was not quite liberal or conservative enough to fit the mold.

So he decided to break the sucker.

Meet the Team

Pundits? Inmates? Patients? The staff writers and contributors here at Common Sense range from the possessed, to the strange, and the demented.

We mean you no harm, we merely want to share our view of the world and hopefully make a few of you laugh. If we are doing our job, you might learn a thing or two...

Michael Cole

Founder & Resident Liberal


Michael has done a little of it all. Education, Retail, Politics, and Writing. He has run for Congress three times, and even though he identifies as liberal, he feels that we are more than labels.

Lady Justice

Vice President and General badass


Conservatives call me a liberal, liberals call me a conservative. I’m American that believes in the constitution and desperately desires us as Americans to get back to a time of morality. I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and employee, I AM AN AMERICAN

Chaplain Gypsy

Commandant of the Common Sense Marine Corps & Conservative Guru


I’m just a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas. I write how I feel about the mess this world has become around us. Most of the things I write are Common sense things that appear to have all but disappeared over the years. I’m an old Marine Corps Veteran. As a Marine, We took an Oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, We took that Oath of our own free will, We affirmed that Oath before God. That Oath never Expires. Semper Fi! God, Family, and Country.