Hello, I’m Lady Justice, Let’s Talk

I’m Lady Justice.

I will be posting topics that are focused around daily life events, hot topics that have an impact on our daily lives as Americans.

I would consider myself a libertarian that leans conservative, however, I usually remain middle road on most issues. I’m pro-choice and against the death penalty under the way, it’s currently run.

I voted for Trump but I wouldn’t classify myself as a Trumpster or Deplorable. I had a specific reason for voting for Trump which I will share in due time.

I’ve watched the world change and our country divide and the moral structure fall about. Our media is manipulative and our leaders don’t guide us. Everyone has become more sensitive and so quickly offended behind the political correctness campaigns that have been burned into our brains for two decades.

I will challenge these things and bring up real-life issues for us to discuss in depth.

Topics like school shootings, as my community just endured one. Sex trafficking. Parenting. Employment. Schools. Police and much more.

Thank you for listening, I’m always welcome to a healthy debate.

Common Sense is a page that offers opinion and satire of the events of the day. While we take every precaution to have the facts, it is not intended to be a news source. We at Common Sense hope that you use common sense when reading all internet “news.” 

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