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The hypocrisy of Eduardo Cruz and the US Senate

I have been a candidate for office, so I guess you could call me a recovering politician. These are my thoughts, right or wrong; they are mine!

Hypocrisy thy name is Eduardo Raphael Cruz. But you can call him Ted. Who would have ever thought that the man who foolishly read Dr. Suess’s Green Eggs and Ham on the floor of the US Senate to try and derail the Affordable Health Care Act would be in this predicament?

For baseball fans, I guess the best way to put his analogy is this way: The world champion Houston Astros are in a game against a division 2 College Baseball team.

And it the Top of the Seventh Inning and the College Team is only down by one Run.

When you understand that, you see the real reason behind Ted talks and Zuckerberg

Ted Cruz doesn’t care about Facebook

So yesterday we saw an indignant Senator Ted Cruz take on the young, arrogant Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg. Cruz railed against the perceived bias against conservative people and viewpoints.

I mean, can you believe that Facebook will delete statuses that promote lynching? Or homophobic statements? Did you know that calling for the death of Barack Obama is frowned upon?

Holding these viewpoints and having your accounts deleted or posts removed has a group of “conservatives” up in arms.


With the number of friends I have who have conservative viewpoints, no one has to date deleted their accounts.

They share dozens of post on Facebook claiming to face persecution for their views. On average, I see at least three “I am persecuted for being a Christian who wants to persecute” Facebook post in my feed every day.

Cruz knows this. He also knows that Liberals also think they are singled out by Facebook for their views.

I know that many of my friends go to “Facebook Jail” for sharing too many liberal slanted posts. Or sharing them in too many groups.

His hypocrisy boils down to the fact that the only reason he brings it up is that the average Tea Party voter he needs in the voting booth in rural Texas thinks that they are the target of the atheist machinations of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

hypocrisy ted cruz
Eduardo Cruz is more afraid of O’Rourke that Facebook

Eduardo Cruz, hypocrisy, and privacy.

Senator Cruz honestly has free speech or even internet privacy very low on his agenda. In fact, Cruz was a co-sponsor of a bill that would allow your web browsing and history to be bundled and sold to whoever without your knowledge or consent.  That means that if Cruz’s archnemesis Zuckerberg wanted to rack up another billion selling the browsing history of all those conservatives he allegedly has a bias against the local ACLU, he can.

And you can not do a thing to stop him.

The fact of the matter is Cruz doesn’t care one iota about the middle-aged soccer mom who is part of “Assault Rifles for Jesus.” He could care less when a person finds their data sold to third parties.

He cares about winning this November.

Right now that prospect is up in the air. Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke is polling within single digits when he should not even be in the same zip code.

So the Texas voting public, correction, Texas conservative voting public, saw the horse and pony show from yesterday.

The headlines from the conservative rags do not disappoint, such as the Federalist with, Watch Ted Cruz Savage Mark Zuckerberg On Facebook’s Liberal Bias.”

That was what Cruz wanted. The headline of the new champion of conservative values and voices in Texas.

In all honesty, by November I expect Cruz to claim the ability to walk on water to defend Ar-15s and to heal the sick without the need for Obamacare.

The Common Sense of it All

Why this exchange is dangerous

The very idea that a US Senator would question a social media company about its terms and conditions or any sort of bias (real or imaginary) disturbs me.

You should be disturbed too.

Americans cherish their rights to free speech. We also understand that while we have that right to say what we want, we cannot force others to listen. Cruz, by this tirade, has opened the door to the government regulating what social media can or cannot cover.

In all honesty, social media is frustrating. There are times that I watch my stream and feel I am the only one holding a viewpoint. The peer pressure to adopt or not to take a position based on that is powerful.

But that would be in real life scenarios as well.

But, at the end of the day, no one has forced any of us to sign up for a Facebook account. Subscribers agree to the terms and conditions of what having an account entails; we also say that we accept what their community standards are.

We might not like them, but its Facebook’s home, so their rules.

Picture this, in the current administration, a Facebook where the Government has the censorship right to make sure that the terms and conditions and community standards fit their definition of “fair and balanced.”

Common Sense is a page that offers opinion and satire of the events of the day. While we take every precaution to have the facts, it is not intended to be a news source. We at Common Sense hope that you use common sense when reading all internet “news.” 

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