illegal immigrants

Immigration Detention

I’m Lady Justice. Thank you for listening, I’m always welcome to a healthy debate.

The left is going wild with videos of immigration detention facilities. Children were separated from adults. Sure it looks bad but lets back this up.

How many months has the administration said they have a zero-tolerance policy for coming here illegally? Many over and over again. Warnings of the consequences were announced loudly. Yet still, you put your children at risk? You get a coyote to put your family in a hot 18 wheeler in the Texas heat? You know damn well the chances you will make it are small. Yet they do it anyway.  They get detained. The adults are separated from the kids for their own safety,  and only till social workers can show up to intake them and find homes for them.

illegal immigrants

Sure it looks cruel. However, if you commit a crime in America and your kids are with you the exact same thing happens,  doesn’t matter the reason you broke the law. Judges of every political background destroy families when they hand out sentences guess what,  their parents broke the law…

Please stop putting children in these situations.

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