Infowars Coup

Infowars warns of Coup, it must be Thursday

I have been a candidate for office, so I guess you could call me a recovering politician. These are my thoughts, right or wrong; they are mine!

So carnival barker and chief Court Jester at Infowars this evening decided to take to the airwaves and reveal to the world that

The establishment is moving in on President Trump and the rest of the anti-globalist movement as they feel their stranglehold on the planet being destroyed.

Excuse me while I clean the coffee from my computer screen from laughing. It is a touchscreen so I will need to shut it off before the computer changes my settings to where the NSA can read my thoughts.

Anyway, according to Alex Jones any day now the powers that be are planning to move against Trump in a clandestine coup to preserve their control of the Earth.

Don’t make Alex take off his shirt!

Infowars low on facts, big on emotion

I love how every few months Alex Jones uncovers another Globalist conspiracy. During the Obama years, we hade Jade Helm 1-8, we had the Illuminati, fast and furious. I think that when the picture of Obama sipping a soda came out, Jones proved that was a war on coffee. He doesn’t just expose conspiracy theory; he does it with emotion and flair.

There are times that I feel that if you put him in front of a congregation and give him a holy book, he would be the perfect Huckster of Holiness.

There is no part of Alex Jones’s rants and raves that even begins to approach reason or common sense. He can walk down the street and have the crosswalk sign change a couple of seconds sooner than he thought it would and I would wager that his next show would be about how the “deep state” was using alien technology to use our infrastructure to kill off dissenters and make it look like an accident. You laugh, but I bet he has already done a show about this or is reading this article and scratching his head and planning.

But that is Alex Jones style, to get you drawn into his emotion, so you ignore the batshit crazy.

No proof of a coup.

He talks about a hidden group of leaders (all in the minority party) that somehow, someway are going to push Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Executive out of the way. While they are at this, they will convince the world’s most massive military to back their claims.

Of course, there will be a series of “false flags” after all, wasn’t that how Alex Jones claimed that Obama was going to stay in after 2016?

Maybe it was going to be a military coup that started off as a military drill. In a big red state, perhaps Texas. After all, wasn’t that how Obama seized absolute power after Jade Helm?

Infowars is always, and I mean still talking about this hidden globalist conspiracy that controls our media and our minds. After all, isn’t that the tagline for Infowars?

There is a war on for your mind. 

Unfortunately either they are unarmed, or they figure you will buy anything.

No coup

Let’ s be honest; there is no coup to remove Trump. There is a movement underway that I will grant you.

In one hand it is through the judicial and constitutional manner of impeachment. Should the Special Counsel Robert Mueller bring forward compelling evidence to warrant his impeachment and the Senate vote to convict, Trump will be removed. Nothing unconstitutional there Alex, try again.

There is also a movement to remove him at the ballot box. People opposed to him are organizing to defeat Trump allies and supporters in the November midterms. They then hope to field a Presidential candidate that will defeat Trump in 2020. Nothing devious, just out system at work.

But let’s face it, the system doesn’t sell to his customer base like baseless lies.

The Common Sense of it All

Forget the why, how?

I have to admit that over the years I have taken the more than passing look at Infowars. Being a candidate for Congress to me meant to me that I stay informed. That meant research. That said staying abreast of topics. And it also meant that I needed to see what all viewpoints were out there, even if they disagreed with my views.

Infowars made me consider changing my mind on that.

We all know that he is the wrestler of the political world. He is only missing his cape, mask and intro music. We all know its fake, but we are intrigued by what he is going to do once he climbs into the ring next time. Is he going to tag team Trump to take down Pelosi with a suplex? Maybe climb on the ropes and do an elbow drop on Schumer while going “Oh Yeah…snap into a Slim Jim!” (My apologies to the late, great Randy Savage, even his act was more believable).

The scarier part of this whole sideshow debacle is that people believe his antics. To the point that they buy his books, watch his shows and even possibly vote based on his lies. It has gotten so bad that NASA had to take time out of launching shit into space to explain that we had no slave colonies on Mars. A space agency that has no active space transport fleet, cannot even get back into low Earth Orbit, LET ALONE MARS, had to tell average people that we HAVE NO FREAKING SLAVE COLONIES ON MARS!!!

I thought about the proper Common Sense rebuttal to Alex Jones and his imminent coup, but could only find this:

Common Sense is a page that offers opinion and satire of the events of the day. While we take every precaution to have the facts, it is not intended to be a news source. We at Common Sense hope that you use common sense when reading all internet “news.” 

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