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This is the musings of an Ole’ Biker from Alvin, Texas. A word of the wise, they are my opinions. Comment at your own risk 😉

Currently, there is a movement taking hold across America; It’s called the Walk away movement. Democrats are starting to walk away from their party. These Democrats are not to be confused with their Liberal Democrat counterparts. They are the older Democrats that still believe in the freedoms America stands for.

Yes they are the Conservative Democrats of America.

Today our Republican Party, not the RINO’s in charge, but our Republican Party has morphed into the old 1960’s Democratic Party. The John F. Kennedy Democrat, not the Liberal Lyndon B. Johnson Democrat. Remember JFK? Yeah, he was the one who tried to warn the people of a Deep State Shadow Government that were trying to take root in the United States. He was right, and it got him killed.

Today, whether you like him or not, there’s another old-time Democrat who made the switch to the Republican Party, He’s trying to do what JFK tried to accomplish. He’s trying to get the people to wake up and understand that there is indeed a shadow government that’s been working behind the scenes to destroy the United States of America.

Look real close, and you will see that it wasn’t just the Democratic Party that was doing this, Our own Republican Party was just as guilty. Bush and the Patriot Act took a significant turn, destroying much of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

The ATF, The NSA, The CIA, The FBI, Homeland Security, the TSA, and many more of the Alphabet Agencies granted government permission to monitor our every movement without our knowledge of them doing so. We have slipped into a surveillance society, and most people aren’t even aware of it. Our cell phones can monitor our every movement, our conversations and every text we have sent.


There’s a camera every mile on practically every single highway entering or leaving our cities.

Now there are those on both sides of the aisle, who are waking up and realizing they don’t want to go down the road our government is taking us on, and they’re walking away. I would love to blame the Liberal Democrats but pay attention; our own Republican Party has played just as intense a role as the Democratic Party.

They’re just better magicians, using the slight of hand methods to hide their real motives. I’ve said many times, pay attention to the right hand of the magician, while he shows you his left hand watch the right. Isn’t it time we all wised up, and just walked away from all our politicians? Isn’t it time we voted every one of these lifetime politicians out of office and started over?

Maybe, just maybe, we can forget about our so-called Party Lines, Put our differences aside, and reclaim our country, reclaim it for the sake of the next generation to come. You know the one, Your grandchildren, and their children. Hey, I digress, I mean what do I know about such things? Afterall, I’m just a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas. Maybe it’s time just to walk away.

God Bless

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