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So you want the Federal Government involved?

This is the musings of an Ole’ Biker from Alvin, Texas. A word of the wise, they are my opinions. Comment at your own risk 😉

Despite lacking any language saying so, The Supreme Court decided that the Constitution promises everybody a “right” to a “license” to marry. That statement on its face should set your reason thermometer to absolute zero from the start.

SCOTUS has no power over marriage records

Let’s see why a license is important.

Then apply that same reasoning to anything else that requires a license.

First of all, a “license” is an indicator that you do not have a “right” to do something. Licenses are a thing government issues, specifically to prevent someone from doing something. That is until they get government permission to so do. They are, by their very definition, a constriction of rights, a limiter of freedom. To license a thing is to outlaw it, and to then grant one permission to break that law. To say that you are fighting for gay “rights” by seeking to have licenses issued to them is not just a complete failure to understand rights, it is a complete failure to understand rudimentary English.

Secondly, if a government is going to exist, it helps if it has some basic rules to follow. Despite the bizarre reasoning the court used to justify its decision, there is nothing in the US Constitution which defines, mentions, or guarantees marriages. Absent an amendment; marriage is a thing the Federal Government has no role in whatsoever. So to the extent, any government entity is involved, it is a matter for state and local governments to handle.

If the Supreme Court has any purpose to interfere with state and local laws, it is to strike down laws which are in contradiction to the Constitution. That power is not applicable for state marriage laws since marriage appears nowhere in the Constitution. The court has allowed even more significant restrictions on guns, and ever lessening restrictions on searches and seizures. The court also though striking down such encroachments on freedom, would expand liberty and suit their purported purpose.

The Common Sense of it All

So why the sudden concern for the well being of gay people?

The answer is quite simple. To expand federal authority, centralize power, and give the left a win that it would never be able to accomplish through elections. While portrayed as being a lessening of restrictions on gay people, it is an increase in the power of the court and of the federal government. Thich could just as quickly be used to federally ban marriage, homosexuality and or guns entirely in the future.

Think about this and think real hard, it is that simple.

When they issue you a license, they are permitting you to do something. When you have to have permission, it is no longer a right.

Think about America. Soon there will be no more rights.

But what do I know, I’m just a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas. Do we want our government controlling every little aspect of our lives? It’s coming.

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