The NFL and the National Anthem

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So the NFL Union is filing a grievance, saying the new NFL ruling, which states players will stand for the National Anthem is unfair. Well, I have a solution that will end the nonsense on day one of opening season.

Boycott Game One of the NFL Season! Let them feel the power of the fans!

Show the power of the fans!

While I agree with Freedom of Speech, when you’re at work, those freedoms are not appropriate. When you’re at work, you have to abide by the rules of your employer. You agreed to those rules when you hired on. The same thing applies to these NFL players who are now filing a grievance through the NFL Union to fight the new ruling on players standing for the National Anthem.

Now I have a proposal that will solve all this foolishness for good. Let’s start a National Movement to boycott the first game of the year, whether on TV or at the Stadium. If the players show up to an empty stadium and the TV ratings fall way down, then the players will figure out who pays their bills. If we start a National Movement to boycott that very first game, then the players and the NFL will figure out who holds the power. Share this post and let’s make it happen. Make it go nationwide.

The Common Sense of it All


Show the players it’s the fans who hold the power. One Game. Boycott it. 

Problem solved.

But what do I know? I’m just a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas.

And now a Little Humor of the Day. The # sign, Yes #, Do you realize that for well over a century that little symbol stood for Pound. Yes, long before it was a hashtag, it was a pound sign. Now stick with me. Do you realize that the “me too” movement, protesting sexual misconduct, adopted the following for their movement,  #MeToo as their logo…Just an observation.

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  1. The players in the NFL and other sports, wear pink for a month during the season for Breast Cancer awareness. Many of the players’ mothers, sisters, aunts, wives, and someday their daughters have had or might have breast cancer. They wear camouflage uniforms to honor the troops. Only some of the players have been in the military, but they all honor them.

    Why not allow them to bring awareness to African Americans being killed or mistreated by police officers and those being protected by “Stand Your Ground” laws. African Americans are victims of this violence, usually perpetrated by white people, much more often than whites are victims. Driving while black is a real thing, and nearly every African American has been pulled over and harassed because of this. The players aren’t dishonoring the flag. They are honoring and reminding us of the fallen civilians , most of whom hadn’t done anything to deserve a death sentence without a trial.

    Kneeling is a form of honoring or pledging allegiance and has been for more than 1000 years. Some players bow their heads and some point to the sky, honoring their Lord and Savior, yet no one complains about that.

    The players aren’t doing anything to harm anyone. They are silently and peacefully honoring victims and reminding people that they are afraid their family members might some day become victims too. If they could wear something on their uniforms they would, but the league won’t allow it. Instead of protesting the protesters by boycotting them, how about joining them to end the violence instead.

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