Stupidity is Running Rampant Across America

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Stupidity is running rampant in America.

So a friend of mine complimented a woman at work and now faces being written up or even worse, he might get fired. Now he wasn’t sexually harassing the middle-aged lady, he merely complimented her, telling her she looked pretty today.

That’s all, nothing more, Now, someone, pleaseĀ tell me since when does that make sense. You know ladies, I know first hand how much time you spend getting ready for work every morning. My wife usually spends at least an hour every day getting ready for her job.

It should never be offensive to compliment a beautiful woman if done respectfully


So she looks attractive at work. Why put on all the makeup, Why do your hair and why spent all that time in the mirror, then get offended when a man compliments you on the hard work you did making yourself look beautiful?

Are you nuts? Have you lost your freaking mind?

Here’s an idea, If you don’t want men telling you how beautiful you look, Save that time in the morning, sleep in and quit putting yourself through all that trouble.

Don’t you think it’s time you start acting somewhat like a real woman again? I would say acting like a real lady again, but this generation would not get that. A real woman has class and can handle a man complimenting her without getting offended.

But since I’m on the subject, Let’s take a look at something. I am going to offend some today, but stick with me on this for just a minute.
Women, you’re lying to us from the very minute we meet you. Yes I mean seriously, You ladies spent hours in the morning getting ready to meet the day, Whether you’re going to work or you’re going out that evening, the man doesn’t stand a chance.

You look perfect the minute you get out of the car to where ever it is your going.Ā  You catch your man, later you even get him home, but then something changes. All the wrinkles and blemishes you covered up the night before are now present. The wonders of that expensive push up newfangled wonderbra aren’t holding them puppies up anymore, and then there are those jeans, well now we know why they were so tight, plus you’re 4 inches shorter.

Sometimes, that is just the way that it is
Sometimes, that is just the way that it is

What the heck happenedĀ America?

You see, what you see is not always what you get.

We were manipulated and deceived from the get-go, and that’s okay, it’s what you do. But I digress, we men enjoy a little deception. Smile ladies, you are the Masters of our destiny, and you’ve been manipulating us men for thousands of years.

That’s what you do, and you’re good at it.

It’s not just women either, Today the stupidity runs so deep in America, that I don’t even recognize it anymore. Boys who can’t be called boys, girls who can’t be called girls because it might confuse them merely because they aren’t old enough to pick their own identity yet. Are you that damned stupid?

Look down, if that baby has a stick shift and ball bearings, it’s a boy. If it doesn’t, it’s a girl! How hard is that?

Really America?


If your one of those parents who think the baby gets to choose their identity, it’s God-given identity, then you need to be hauled out behind the brush pile and have your butt whipped.

You’re part of the problem. You’re creating the confusion,Ā and that’s all there is to it. The X an Y chromosomes that God gave each one of those magnificent kids at birth chose the sex. Our society today is causes confusion because they think someone somewhere made a mistake.

News Flash, God, doesn’t make mistakes.

People make mistakes; when you’re too stupid to recognize the genitalia of a male or a female, then you’re the one who made a mistake. I recommend going back to that Biology class you seemed to have missed when you were in school.

Then we have the kids, Let’s talk frank for just a minute.

Does a Child have rights? Seriously? Rights? They’re children, outside of the power to not be beaten or molested, they have no rights. As my mom and dad used to tell us, You live under my roof; you’ll abide by my rules.

There were no rights.

A child from the age of 2 to 7, what they learn in those five years (known as the formative years) will stay with that child for the rest of their lives. Those are the years that that child learns right from wrong. After that, how you decide to delegate a child’s privileges are up to you.

But in reality, it’s still the parent’s responsibility to decide how far that goes. The child, him or herself does not get to choose. Those are his or her rights; a child has privileges the parent’s job is to decide when that child has earned those privileges.

The Common Sense of it All

But rights? Really America?

No a child does not have rights. Privacy? Let’s say you suspect that child say at age 10 has fireworks hidden in his bedroom, fireworks he didn’t get from you? Do you have the right to go in and look for those fireworks? Yes, you do. Let’s say you ask the child to fold his clothes and put them away correctly? The child throws his clean clothes in the bottom of a drawer without folding them, Do you have the right to go in a take those clothes out of the drawer and make that kid fold his clothes, the right way, the way you instructed him too? Of course, you do.

Privacy is a privilege the child has to earn.

They are never free; the children earn them.

Earned by learning right from wrong and gaining your trust. A child is hiding booze in his room, Do you have the right to go in a take that booze? Of course, you do.

A Child has Privileges, Not Rights. Where and when did these parents get the two confused?

It is no wonder the world is so confused, and stupidity is running rampant across America.

But I digress, I mean, after all, I’m just a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas, What do I know about these matters anyway?

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