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Today a very good friend of mine said that the Supreme Court was the highest law in the land…and there lies the problem.

The Supreme Court is NOT the highest law of the land.

The Constitution is the highest Law of the Land. 

The Supreme Court doesn’t make law. The Supreme Court was set up to ensure that the laws our Legislative Branch proposed or passed fell into the confines of the Constitution. If the laws passed didn’t fall under the confines of the Constitution then the Supreme Court was supposed to ensure it didn’t become law. The Supreme Court was set in place to ensure the President didn’t grow too powerful and rule us as a Dictator would rule a third-world country.

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The Supreme Court was set up as a check and balance to ensure no one branch became too powerful. I think we all need to go back and study government again to understand the Checks and Balance System the founders set in place and to understand the specific powers each branch of the government was given to keep the people from falling into a tyrannical government. Anything not found explicitly in the Constitution was supposed to be left to the states… Now people believe that the Supreme Court is supposed to interpret a law, the interpretation wasn’t supposed to be their job, They were to rule on the exact wording of the said law and determine if it met the criteria of the limits set under the Constitution. Interpretation is subject to the reader.

Laws were meant to be specific and not subject to interpretation. Otherwise, man can make a law mean anything they want it to say. Example, Right now look at what they are trying to do to the 2nd Amendment. What part of Shall Not Be Infringed so hard to understand?

The Legislative Branch is the only branch that can make laws. The Executive Branch enforces the law, and the Supreme Court ensures such laws fall under the confines and limits of the Constitution. Again what’s so hard to understand? The Constitution is the Highest Law of the Land.

Buy hey I digress; Everyone knows I’m just a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas, What do I know?

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