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This is the musings of an Ole’ Biker from Alvin, Texas. A word of the wise, they are my opinions. Comment at your own risk 😉

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So, You’re Offended.

Well, I’m offended.

I don’t know why I’m offended, but that doesn’t matter. I’m angry because the world doesn’t take the time to research and come around to my point of view.

Your point of view doesn’t matter and how dare you spew your opinion on your own Social Media page without first finding out whether or not it offends me.  Do you feel better about yourself for hurting me?

Did you bother to find out that the words you’re using are offensive?

Being offended gives me exclusive rights and privileges, and within those rights, you’re required to care about my feelings more than anything else in the world. I’m offended by words, and that needs the world to come up with a whole set of new words that sound less offensive to my sensitive ears.

My feelings are sufficient evidence that everyone needs to change the way they live to accommodate me and my feelings. So, stroke my ego, change what you’re doing to accommodate my feelings.

Since offensiveness isn’t a measurable trait, I’m going to need the world around me to remain as vanilla as possible to accommodate my fragile feelings. I’m sorry if that annoys those of you who need a little chocolate, but that’s not going to work to accommodate my feelings.

Do you see how absurd this is?

Are you getting it, suck it up Buttercup, the world always has and always will be offensive to those who choose to let it be.

But what do I know about such matters, I’m just a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas

I thank Chad Prather and all of you out there that are offended for helping me write this.

Common Sense is a page that offers opinion and satire of the events of the day. While we take every precaution to have the facts, it is not intended to be a news source. We at Common Sense hope that you use common sense when reading all internet “news.” 

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